Torg's Labs




Loki is the son of Erik The Red, MH and Lizzy. A high drive excellent marking dog.  He is line bred on 2003 Hall of Fame 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac both mother and father bloodline and is also the grandson of 2004 NAFC, FC, AFC Dewey's Drake of Moon River.

Loki is a brilliant red male weighing 65 lbs.  Hard hunting but a lover in the house.  Loki just turned 2 y/o and will be competing in the near future.

OFA LR-230762G24M (good)   Elbows LR-EL8146M24 (normal)   Paw Print Labrador Essential panel EIC/CNM/DM/PRA/PRCD/RD/OSD/SD2/HNP  clear (normal)

Stud Fee $600 will go up as he achieves titles.     Stud contract