Torg's Labs




Tammy Bargy's Jade Stoney x Sassy

Tahoe Mac x Shiloh

Copper on Canidian goose hunt


Dave & Hunter


Teesha: Goose hunt

Cagney & Lacey ND pheasant hunt

Kim Pfister's Rainey, Master Hunter

Katie as pup

Scout's first duck hunt 5 months old

Scanning skies in goose blind


Art's Hoss

Honey & Sugar

Marti pointing


Three sisters with Junior titles

Cagney & her ribbons

Lowell & Shiloh

Frank Klatt's pup

Josh & Hunter in Montana

Tahoe Mac

Lacey in pond

Rosey's first pheasant (9 months old)

Jared & Easton (1st retrieves 6 mon. old)

Ryan & Delta (6 month old)

Ole's First Hunt 9 (6 months old)

Rainmaker Sunny Tahoe "Rainey" MH

Dave and Shiloh's Cash Of Tahoe Mac

Larry and Jewell


Gus one year old

Lacey duck hunting 2006

Tatter & Shiloh

Rosie (Lacey x Wild Bill Double or Nothing)

Tanker (Lacey X Drake) in duck blind

Tanker (Lacey X Drake)

Halloween fairy

A sore sniffer, 4 days of pheasant hunting.


Evan Graham seminar with Darlene's pup Palin

Wonser's Warriors