Torg's Labs

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                        Torg's Boot Scootin Boogie

Boogie is a handsome female out of Stoney, MH,QAA X Lacey,JH.  Boogie is well built with a classic lab head.  OFA  hips excellent, elbows normal, CERF normal, EIC clear & CNM clear                     pictures      pedigree


Torg's Jewel of The Marsh     "Jewel"   Daughter of 4XGMPR, GRHRCH Rooster Smasher, MH, QAA and Millie (Fischer's Rex, MH  EIC/CNM/DM/HNP/PRA/PRCD/RD/OSD  clear (Labrador Essential panel)   OFA Hips:   LR-223360G25F (good) elbows LR-EL75046F25 normal Caer (eyes) clear           



Torg's  Golden Willow N The Ruff  "Willow"    

   A gorgeous blond with brains to match. Willow is out of our Katie, JH (FC Fox C Take It To the Bank) X Lone Willow Ruff N Ready, QAA (son of 2003 NFC General Patton)                           

EIC/CNM/DM/HNP/PRA/PRCD/RD/OSD  clear (Labrador Essential panel) OFA hips:  LR-223396E25F (excellent) elbows LR-EL75076F25 (normal) Caer eyes clear.





Over Under Golden Kate Bridge,JH

Kate is now retired but carries on her qualities in her son our handsome stud dog Rocky, MH anf daughter Willow. Her offspring carry the classic Lab looks of one of the most handsome Field Champion stud dogs ever bred. "FC Fox C Take It To the Bank bred by Fred and Monica Cundari"   Team players that love to work.   pedigree          pictures




 High Voltage Rockin Reba of Torgslabs, JH

Reba is a medium fox red 4XGMPR, HRCH Rooster, MH,QAA daughter.  Her mother is High Voltage Made of Magic, a gorgeous female sired by FC, CFC, CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick, MH, CD.  Reba is the type of female we want in our breeding program.  OFA pre-lim hips good, elbows normal, CAER eyes normal, EIC carrier/CNM clear by parentage.

 Pedigree                 Pictures                                                              

Torg's Rusted Tin Lizzy "Lizzy"

Stoney, MH, QAA x Paige (FC, AFC Teddy Ebonstar James x Grassy Creek Magic Maggie, MH)        OFA good, elbows normal, CERF clear, CNM/EIC clear through parentage.  pedigree of mom       pedigree of father             pictures




Cracker is very birdie and has an exceptional fun loving personality.  She comes from a long line of pointing labs. EIC clear through parents/CNM clear (DDC 99173), eyes CERF normal. Pre-lim hips excellent, elbows normal

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Pepper is a beautiful 55 red female out of Erik, MH and Lizzy.  Pepper loves to retrieve and is very affectionate. Pre-lim OFA good, elbows normal, EIC /CNM clear.





Ritz is a daughter of Erik The Red , MH and Cracker.  She is a beautiful mild manner girl with the drive to get things done even under the worse conditions.  OFA Prelim hips good, elbows normal, CAER eyes clear, EIC clear by testing, CNM clear by parentage.



Gabby is a 60 lb.dark red pointing Lab, daughter of 4x GMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai Midnight Sun MH x CPR Rebelyell's Elvira Mistress of Woodlands, a Bird Dog Challenge competitor with numerous placements.  Gabby's littermate is also doing very well in the BDC competitions.     Hips excellent, elbows normal, EIC/CNM clear, Eyes CAER normal.

  Pedigree                Pictures